Monday, July 16, 2012

Why blogging is one of my hobbies?

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I love to blogBlogging is all about fashion and not necessarily you are good in writing, is a feeling how you enjoy what you are doing that makes things possible happens to express your emotion tend to share whatever the achievements you did. Life is full of challenges, full of memories and knowledge to share, every second or in a minutes life changes unintentionally. The intention why I am writing article for my blog is because I’m inspired someone writing their blog or maybe “my especial someone”, reading some articles about blogging, tips for blogging, and other stuffs that encouraged me more. It’s more fun in blogging, is not required a good writing skills, an English teacher or grammarian to express your feelings, instead you deliver the right point to figure out about your purpose as long it’s clear, that’s worth it.
Actually, I am not good in English to correct my grammar every time to write my articles. If somebody criticizes my work, it’s up to them, but my point is to deliver what is my intention.

To learn Blogging is a challenge for beginner’s to acquire more knowledge to learn in order to achieve an ideal blog. Not only matter what platform you work with when creating a blog or strategy to make visible your blog in the readers on the internet. Blogging is a long run achievements because there’s a lot of strategy to combine to work it, includes SEO Tips and Guidelines to boost the traffic of your sites, How to create rich Content on you blog, and make visible your site in Social Networking sites such Facebook, Twitter, and etc… that will bring your site more traffic. In addition, connecting Facebook, Twitter, and Delicious social networking sites much more convenient way because whatever your post in Facebook it will automatically tweet on you twitter or delicious account or vise versa. It’s more fun in blogging if you apply with a sense of humor because sometimes you get bored while writing about your content, and tendency you tend to give up. A reason why many blogger’s quit to blog is because no time to make content, no visitors coming their blog, do not know how to SEO, and lack of knowledge getting information about how to blog. An ideal blogger know how to outsourcing to market their blog as a product to the readers or viewers on the internet.
Blogging fashion

As my blog visible on the internet, I am not expecting more traffic to glance what is written all about my content, instead let it will come the visitors to discover my blog and appreciate what has already written. The more people like to read your post, expecting they find relevant information about the content of your blog, perhaps they share with their friends that your content is what they are looking for. If you did blog for several years and somebody commenting about your post, it’s really nice to hear that somebody cares about you content or maybe they like or plus + 1 or tweets. Additionally, not only to earn extra profit what you did in your content but you give them a tips or knowledge that they don’t know yet. Fortunately, that’s my alternative fashion to learn.


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