Thursday, June 7, 2012

How to connect my facebook page, twitter, and delicious account

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Share, tweets, and connect your blog to social networking websites

One way to obtain more traffic about your website is the use of various social network like facebook, twitter, and delicious. In addition, a lot of social networks sites where you can put link together with your account.

Here is the lists most popular social networking site.

                Google +

Why we should link to social network and be connected to them? If you did blogging for a couple of months or years, maybe others don’t already knowledge what it is. All they know is to create a blog, choose a topic, make articles and published on their blog. What’s the point, the articles you made in your blog perhaps might be helpful to others. That’s why we need to be connected to social network in order the visibility of your blog available on the internet.

How would be able to connect facebook, twitter, and delicious account?

The good thing happens, once you’ve already connected account, whatever you tweets also posted in facebook and delicious. That’s amazing because both social networks allow account to be connected and ease of use because no need to post every social networking site to be updated.

If you had already blog, it’s better to have facebook fan page on your blog, personalized twitter account, and delicious account as well. Now, you had already account, is time to connect them together.

To setup in twitter account, login to your account, go to settings and select profile. Post your tweets to facebook
post my tweets to facebook
By connecting your accounts, your tweets can be published to your fan page wall.
Link twitter to facebook account
Once it appears, instead of my facebook profile, select your facebook page where you did it already on your facebook page. Now, you’re connected twitter to facebook account, your tweets automatically posted on your facebook page wall.
To set up in delicious account, login to your account, go to settings and in tab control, select sources.
connect twitter account to facebook page
This screenshot provides you idea how to setup delicious to twitter account. Whatever you tweets, also publish on your delicious account. Let the default settings, no more changes.
connect twitter account to delicious
Connect another Twitter account to save links from tweets...

In delicious, it allow to connect multiple twitter account

In addition, you may also  Link your Facebook Profile to Twitter
link my facebook to twitter account


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