Thursday, July 26, 2012

People cannot live without technology and internet

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Do you believe some people can’t live without technology or internet? I prefer this question those people are often have technology at their hand and internet connection for instant access to speed up the process for their transactions.

why people can't live with out internetwhy people can't live without technology

More often, our life rely everything about technology in our day to day transaction to speed up our operations and make things possible to happen. As years goes by, we couldn’t predict how fast the technology can change our life, nothing we could ask  because everything are already exist that specifically intended for our needs.
Generally, the majority that brings exposure to influence among us are the used of social networking sites, obviously many people are familiar what’s the role of this. There’s a lot of social networking sites we’re people get connected such as facebook, twitter, youtube, linkedIn, and many more, for instance to share ideas, tweets, post an events, and a lot more we can do.  Through the intervention of various social sites as part of our life, many people can’t live without facebook or twitter on their sides. You know what, this is the part of their life were they may be belong to enjoy their life. However, it can affect negative impact in our life because of some instances; people are getting insecure what’s happening, doubting what is reading, and people get indolent.

Fortunately, technology and internet has a huge impact in our society especially in the business or perhaps in educational purposes. A lot of people say “I can’t live without technology or internet”, maybe it is true. If you had noticed the impact of technology in a real world we couldn’t imagine how powerful it is. Perhaps, others did not believe because they don’t appreciate or give importance how to use it.

Whatever will bring us something new, make use of it in progress not in a wrong way for our intentional only. Indeed, people can’t live without the help of technology and internet.


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