Monday, October 15, 2012

How to earn money with nuffnang


NuffNang Advertising
Nuffnang is an Asia Pacific's first blog Advertising community includes Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Australia. It almost identical with Google Adsense and other advertising website where you can earn money as well. However, only 4 bloggers from four countries are eligible so far. To earn money online with nuffnang is quite simple if you already have a blog or website. Just go to if you are in the Philippine area and signup the given information provided, and just wait for a moment for approval of admin. Once it was approved by the admin, then you can choose which advertising style (leaderboard (728x90), skyscraper (160x300), and large rectangle (336x280)) you want to apply on your blog. That’s how very simple to install nuffnang ads on your sites. Once it appear on your website, it will automatically start your earnings and your websites statistics displays important keywords, number of visitors and countries where came from, and your earnings history.

However, it doesn’t easy to earn instance money with nuffnang. If you don’t have an idea how to blog and apply SEO Strategy on your blog, you can’t achieve this kind of stuffs if your aim to earn instance money with nuffnang. In addition, we all know content is a KING to value our readers in order to come back again. Once the readers like the content of your blog, most probably readers want to share your post so that other let them know that this post is very important.

To have tons of visitors coming to your blog, to earn money with nuffnang is not impossible. Just simple place appropriate ad style suited on the page of your blog or website to make it visible to the readers. 


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