Tuesday, June 5, 2012

How to create blog and choose the right blogging websites

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Getting started in blog is not easy for novice to acquire exactly what is blogging all about and most probably didn’t know yet what are those websites can offers free tools in blogging. In addition, there’s a lot of blogging websites in the internet where you can create your own personal blog that has ease of use. Indeed, it doesn’t require programming skills in order to create a personal websites and most website on the internet more often use of drag and drop features that allows user to create blog without even knowledge about basic HTML tags. However, its more advantages if you had already a background in HTML + CSS, especially if you are web developer.

List of free blogging websites

In general, every blogging sites has their own advantages and disadvantages depends what’s the user’s need, because there are other websites can’t provide what you’re really intended to work with.

Here are the lists of free blogging websites that frequently used in the internet and most preferred by many users.

http://wordpress.com is a powerful blog platform among other blog sites because of its features. It’s more powerful if you purchase domain name and use Wordpress as your blog platform.

http://blogger.com own by Google, one of most widely used blog site because you’re allowed to advertise third party program unlike other blogging websites. Now, new blogger user interface more features added that allow more SEO – friendly.

http://livejournal.com a great blog tool for writers. This is the place where you can join the group to challenge among other writer anyone who’s looking for.

http://weebly.com offers a simple step by step website creation with drag and drop interface. It’s powerful and looks professional designed.

http://sites.google.com also own by Google as part of the Google Apps productivity suite, an easy way to create rich webpages and anybody will be able to build a team – oriented site where many people can work together and share files on the internet.

http://blog.com allows creating blog with unlimited bandwidth for free members and its more advantages for those paid members.

Just a few free blogging websites I acknowledged above. Fortunately, there’s a lot of blogging platform where it can be use in the internet.


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