Monday, September 16, 2013

How to become the best person in the world

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God presence
Sounds funny right? Hmmm… what’s the point is you should make proud of yourself who you are and where you came from, not necessarily if you are rich or poor (because we are all equal in the eyes of God). Life makes more meaningful if you live God in your presence as you live in this world. God knows all our works. However, people today who don't love Jesus, they just use Jesus. Politicians use Jesus to get votes. Business leaders use Jesus to get a blessing on their business. Marketers use Jesus to sell a product. People use Jesus for their own selfish reasons. Imagine they live Jesus in a selfish way to have all things at their hands. The best for the BEST way to live in this earth is live with GOD and nothing else; with this, Nothing Is Impossible to get all things in your hands. And by showing our gratitude, love, honor, and respect to him are our inheritance in heaven.

We are not the same religion but we have one direction – to do good things in the world and serves God for all the things they have done for us! Bear on our mind, Give Importance to the Poor. Lord, we acknowledge your presence that I am the best person in the world.