Monday, September 3, 2012

What are additional features added in Office word 2013?

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Overview some features added in new Office 2013 Preview

Microsoft Office 2013 was released its Preview and can be download for free to use it as beta test among users for collecting some feedback from their new Office 2013 to identify bugs and errors, compatibility, and other risks that will affects in the future. If you don’t have already install Office 2013 Preview, you can download it through online and install it in your laptops, computers, or tablets. Office 2013 was designed for windows 8 at the same time for tablet purposes. I had already installed Office 2013, it looks like something different from the previous Office because if you are using touch screen cellphones or tablets its feels the similarities. For instance, when you open it, scrolling, navigating it sense like touch screen.
There’s a lot of improvement and additional features added in the new Office 2013 compared the old version. When you notice in the Office Word default tab area, two tabs are added, the DESIGN Tab and ADD – INS Tab. Moreover, Read Mode works as a kind of slide show of your pages and will even split your text into columns automatically to give it that magazine look and feel, indeed easy reading, and PDF editing it’s pretty demanding on your system - especially if the PDF in question is picture packed - but Word 2013 will allow you to open and view PDF files and also edit them as well, which rather seems to negate the point of a PDF in the first place but there you go. However many additional contextual tabs added when new objects added in a document. 

One good thing happens in Office 2013 it can be incorporate online saves and sharing document using your SkyDrive account, Cloud Syncing pretty much the cornerstone of Office 2013 because all of your documents are automatically saved to the SkyDrive folder on your desktop meaning that you can then access them from any of your devices, whether they run a dedicated Office app or not, with SkyDrive at the helm as a point of save, the idea of resuming your reading of a document takes on a new dimension, and in ADD – INS Tab enables you to send through Bluetooth devices that can be send directly on your phone and any devices that has already a Bluetooth accompanied. 

Office 2013 is a light weight - a fastest than previous version, other says, the ambitious Office they ever made by Microsoft so far. Do you imagine how fast the technology arise in the market now? Would you envision what will happen in the next generation both software and hardware? We could not predict all of them because things might be happen accidentally. 

The official release of Microsoft Office 2013 is not been yet establish. Watch out the Office 2013 Photos and video presentation.


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