Thursday, June 28, 2012

Tips how to watch 2012 Olympic Games

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It’s nice to come and visit London tourist spot.

London hosts 2012 Olympic Games – The big event in the history of sports.  The event starts on July 27 – August 12, 2012 and Paralympics Games August 29 – September 9, 2012. One of the most awaited sports that most people really wanted to watch personally and witness amazing athletes in various sport events. Unfortunately, many of us can’t go to London to glimpse the game because it far from their country or perhaps very expensive. One alternative tips how to watch 2012 Olympic Games is to subscribe Online Live Streaming directly can be watch on your PC’s at home. In addition, various channels are available and 100 percent satisfactory guarantee.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Tips how to make a rich content in my blog


Are you enthusiast in making quality content in your blog?

To create content in your blog is a challenge for some many writers out there in order to produce rich and relevant content for their blog. However, it’s hard to make content if you don’t have a source of information gather which will be needed. Think a unique and relevant title about the content which you are going to publish because once the title matches the named on other blog site page title, the tendency of your page will not rank higher because somebody’s are already made that title and most probably Google priorities who’s come first. The main advantage why we need to make a rich content on our blog is to recognize by Google and other search engine that your site has a value to provide pertinent information to the readers on the internet.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Search Engine Optimization tips and guidelines for beginners


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Did you know Google is one of the most popular search engines that provide relevant and updated information over the internet because whatever our request to query certain data, no doubt that Google can provide them all. To maintain the consistency and trust by many people, Google becomes more powerful over a year to secure all information they provided are relevant. Furthermore, various people on the internet has a dirty SEO tactics on their website in order to get high rank on a search engine even though few content or perhaps outdated information can provide it. In that way, Google did not guarantee to increase more traffic and your website will fail, probably ignore by Google and doesn’t appear on the search engine.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Create a share button with a vertical bar for blogger


In various website, share button like facebook, twitter, google plus, and other social networking site are mostly common in every websites that appears anywhere in the content of their blog. The main advantage having these social networking sites in your blog, if the readers like your post and it’s very helpful, they can automatically share it. Moreover, it increases the visibility and exposure of your blog, expected tons of visitors will come on your site because of its relevant information they get from your blog. If you newbie in blogging, you don’t have enough idea what are those necessary stuffs could be apply in order to get more traffic comes on your websites. The aim why you put those buttons on your blog is to increases the reputation of your website and Google treats that your site has a good quality content in providing resourceful stuffs and updated information.


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Why most people love to watch movie?

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Is it possible to watch movie without knowing enough what language was already written?

Believe it or not as what I’ve been encountered or maybe you too. Even we’re not the same dialect or perhaps we can’t understand what they speak whatever is it and in comes in movie, doesn’t measure what languages are in movies as long emotion and facial expression are presence, it makes you satisfied what is intended of the movie. In some rural area, many people can’t write, can’t understand simple language or even can’t speak simple English, despite what problem is it, to watch movie and their favorite icons is an important part no matter what languages or countries the movie was based. That was most people really wanted why they love to watch movies. Most probably, those action, adventure, cartoons and horror are the movies they preferred to watch, moreover, romantic and no more fighting scenes are less important to them.  In fact, it’s better to have a better understanding what is all about the movie.

In what scene makes you satisfied watching movies and get interested you most?

Everyone has their own perception and a vision how they appreciate the movie. Some get bored, others are satisfied; indeed, just only the reality as what we scrutinize the movie production. Most people like to watch movies maybe it’s because was based on a real story or science fiction that may gain knowledge what goes beyond the story of the movie.

Aside the story and learning’s what we gain to the movies, did you think other helpful that can expand your imagination where you can glimpse some important stuff on the movies, although it’s intangible but it brings you broader information. For instance, to sight the culture, way of living, places, and etc. that can possibly be differentiate our way of living to other countries. Even though we cannot travel around the world, we can’t understand their languages and speak their dialect, just because of movie, we can appreciate them how it seems similar to our country and whatever your country it is.

In general, this is my own opinion, because aside the story and learning’s from the movie. I am interested knowing other countries culture and way of living. Sometimes, I’m thinking what if sooner will be there in that place, how it feels and met people and speak their own vernacular. In addition, these stuffs take a quick look how I really love and appreciate to watch movie.

In your own opinion, in what scene makes you satisfied watching movies and get interested you most? Share it in your friends what their opinion as well.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

How to connect my facebook page, twitter, and delicious account

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Share, tweets, and connect your blog to social networking websites

One way to obtain more traffic about your website is the use of various social network like facebook, twitter, and delicious. In addition, a lot of social networks sites where you can put link together with your account.

Here is the lists most popular social networking site.

                Google +

Why we should link to social network and be connected to them? If you did blogging for a couple of months or years, maybe others don’t already knowledge what it is. All they know is to create a blog, choose a topic, make articles and published on their blog. What’s the point, the articles you made in your blog perhaps might be helpful to others. That’s why we need to be connected to social network in order the visibility of your blog available on the internet.

How would be able to connect facebook, twitter, and delicious account?

The good thing happens, once you’ve already connected account, whatever you tweets also posted in facebook and delicious. That’s amazing because both social networks allow account to be connected and ease of use because no need to post every social networking site to be updated.

If you had already blog, it’s better to have facebook fan page on your blog, personalized twitter account, and delicious account as well. Now, you had already account, is time to connect them together.

To setup in twitter account, login to your account, go to settings and select profile. Post your tweets to facebook
post my tweets to facebook
By connecting your accounts, your tweets can be published to your fan page wall.
Link twitter to facebook account
Once it appears, instead of my facebook profile, select your facebook page where you did it already on your facebook page. Now, you’re connected twitter to facebook account, your tweets automatically posted on your facebook page wall.
To set up in delicious account, login to your account, go to settings and in tab control, select sources.
connect twitter account to facebook page
This screenshot provides you idea how to setup delicious to twitter account. Whatever you tweets, also publish on your delicious account. Let the default settings, no more changes.
connect twitter account to delicious
Connect another Twitter account to save links from tweets...

In delicious, it allow to connect multiple twitter account

In addition, you may also  Link your Facebook Profile to Twitter
link my facebook to twitter account


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Find out my website reputation on the internet

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High quality websites obviously got the high reputation in the search engine because it provides relevant and updated information to the readers over the internet what they search for. If you did blog for several years but you didn’t know yet about your website reputation, find out what tools can possibly be use in order to maintain the consistency of your website on the internet, review Tips in SEO Guidelines to boost your site reputation. Most popular tool that allows monitoring the behavior of your website is It collects data on browsing behavior and transmits it to the websites, where it is stored and analyzed. In addition, it provides traffic, rankings, and other information in every website reputation on the internet. This happens to an significant factor in leveraging your blog’s ranking as a sell point to sponsors, buyers, advertisers, readers and whoever else wish for a piece of your stuff. Basically, to acquire quick view about your website reputation, you can use alexa toolbar that automatically appear on your browser where you can seen every website reputation how they rank on the internet once it already install.

How to gets high reputation in search engines?

Most probably, Alexa guarantee those websites that has high quality content and many incoming good links pointing directly to your website. Relevance has to do with how easily the search engines can tell if your page provides pertinent information. A reputation is measured by the link popularity and the number of websites that links to your site because search engines count those incoming links as votes for the quality of your websites. Unfortunately, not all links to be counted to increase your site reputation because there are other website has bad reputations that harm the ranking of your website in a search engines. A good links come those website that has high quality reputation on the internet.

Now, you’re lucky enough if your website has many incoming links from high reputation websites on the internet.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

How to create blog and choose the right blogging websites

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Getting started in blog is not easy for novice to acquire exactly what is blogging all about and most probably didn’t know yet what are those websites can offers free tools in blogging. In addition, there’s a lot of blogging websites in the internet where you can create your own personal blog that has ease of use. Indeed, it doesn’t require programming skills in order to create a personal websites and most website on the internet more often use of drag and drop features that allows user to create blog without even knowledge about basic HTML tags. However, its more advantages if you had already a background in HTML + CSS, especially if you are web developer.

List of free blogging websites

In general, every blogging sites has their own advantages and disadvantages depends what’s the user’s need, because there are other websites can’t provide what you’re really intended to work with.

Here are the lists of free blogging websites that frequently used in the internet and most preferred by many users. is a powerful blog platform among other blog sites because of its features. It’s more powerful if you purchase domain name and use Wordpress as your blog platform. own by Google, one of most widely used blog site because you’re allowed to advertise third party program unlike other blogging websites. Now, new blogger user interface more features added that allow more SEO – friendly. a great blog tool for writers. This is the place where you can join the group to challenge among other writer anyone who’s looking for. offers a simple step by step website creation with drag and drop interface. It’s powerful and looks professional designed. also own by Google as part of the Google Apps productivity suite, an easy way to create rich webpages and anybody will be able to build a team – oriented site where many people can work together and share files on the internet. allows creating blog with unlimited bandwidth for free members and its more advantages for those paid members.

Just a few free blogging websites I acknowledged above. Fortunately, there’s a lot of blogging platform where it can be use in the internet.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Where I can watch live channels online?

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Tips how to watch your favorite sports channels online

Online live streaming to watch directly on your PC is now available throughout the internet and many websites are offers this kind of stuffs. In addition, not of them 100% satisfactory guarantee. If you prefer to watch for free, not necessarily promise that the website offers are always available on the internet. If you are going to plan to watch sports channels online that has unlimited channels directly to watch on your pc, I recommend this website for you Stream Direct Sports! A largest online network on the internet that provides 100% satisfactory guarantee of your money.

Watch TV shows exclusively on your MAC

TV shows is one of the most popular shows online that many different countries offers their best TV shows that available through online channels to provide many people to watch their favorites TV shows in various languages. There are websites also offers for free and most probably for replays and reviews. If you wish to watch live on your PC, I recommend this website for you Watch TV Shows that exclusively watch on your MAC, 100% MAC OSX compatible. Unfortunately, this link I provided is specific only for MAC

In general, any link provided here is not my accountability in the future. I only recommend those websites I really trusted on the internet and besides it offers a lot.

For more details can be found on the links provided websites if you wish to plan to watch online channels directly on your PC.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

How to earn money online through blog?

Wants to earn extra profit, try and learn how to blog!

Online job is one of the most popular ways to earn money because we can work at home and you are free to manage yourself to accomplish the given tasks assigned. Basically, a lot of different online job can be found in the internet if you are job seeker.  Yet, some people didn’t know how to find it, and some have doubt is it possible to earn money online without any investment. Fortunately, blogging is an alternative way if you are not going to affiliate websites that offers online job. In fact, you are the one to decide which product or advertisement program you are going to promote based on the content of your website. In addition, you can appoint someone who makes your articles depends the topic you are going to publish on your website and the target viewers you’re really wanted. Unfortunately, it is not an easy job to accomplish this type of online job because of competition of some competitors in the internet to earn also what you’re really intended for. Generally, that’s the game how would you able to survive the battle.

How will survive the game, what shall we do?

Blogging is a long run competition over the internet and not necessarily to earn exactly. Don’t give up if your website is not visible or maybe no visitors visited on your website, just wait for the right time. On the other hand, not necessarily waiting for nothing, it should applied basic understanding about Search Engine Optimization SEO strategies and some guidelines in blogging to obtain the visibility of your website and attain high rank on the search engine.

Furthermore, if your website got the higher rank on the search engine like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, definitely you’re the winner among those competitors. Now, you’re luckily earned money without any investment, just only the perseverance and patience. Yet, you have to take good care of the content of your website to provide relevant information and value the needs of the readers. In addition, the content of your website must be updated in order the consistency of your rank still linger.

Tools to use in creating a blog

There are various websites offers free platform for creating a blog, yet advantages and disadvantages are the main constraints among them. The most likely and widely used is Blogger because it’s free, and now it’s new Blogger User Interface that SEO-friendly in search engine.  Also, Wordpress is a powerful tool in comes in blogging because it provides a nice themes, looks, capabilities to organize post and pages, and a lot more. However, only paid domain can fully access all features of Wordpress and for free Wordpress domain doesn’t grant third party advertising program where you can earn extra profit just what Blogger provided.

What affiliate program can be use to earn extra profit?

To start with, you will be able to sign up those free blogging websites and select according what you’re intended to your blog, and choose the right topic where suited you most. Here’s some program where you can affiliate that could be help to earn extra revenue from your blog.

So far, those I stated above can help you. In fact, many websites on the internet also offers identical but advantages and disadvantages are the main constraints.

Now, let’s enjoy blogging and share to the world about your tips, thoughts, and other stuffs that may people let may know!

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