Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Visual Studio 11 new IDE updates

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The new enhancement on Visual Studio 11 and some updates features

Visual Studio 11 was released on February beta version, the most significant factors encountered was the User Interface on Visual Studio 11 IDE because a lot of changes when compared to the previous version of Visual Studio 2010 specifically the coloring and icons as what many developers criticized. However, as many feedback received by Microsoft about new VS11, Microsoft is making changes to the user interface for the planned Visual Studio 11 IDE enhancement that satisfy the needs of every developers which impact coloring, icon usability, and application of the Metro color in a very straightforward and consistent manner. In deal with usability concern, Microsoft reintroduced color to select commands, IntelliSense, and Solution Explorer hierarchy icons to emphasize some important tools needed by developers.

Visual Studio 11 System Requirements

The team said upon system requirements for the new released of Visual Studio 11. “If you are working on previous version of Visual Studio 2010 it cannot be affects the hardware requirements”. In Visual Studio 11, you can enjoy the new improved and increases performance.

Some key features available on Visual Studio 11 release

The key feature of Visual Studio 11 is the capabilities to support Metro – style application which is highlight of the upcoming Windows 8 Operating System. It looks more professional and feels suitable for tablets, Smartphone, Windows Azure cloud platform, and PC’s. The intended of Visual Studio 11 is to provide tool with ease of use when developing Web Application, System Application, and some other devices under the development of Microsoft products of even cross platform environment.

When the release of fully version of Visual Studio 11 that available in the market?

Microsoft has no exact date when Visual Studio 11 will be generally available. There has been some speculation about the release of Visual Studio 11. A Microsoft representative said, although Visual Studio 11 still working little of the new IDE, it might end up being called Visual Studio 2012 upon official release.

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