Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Why Apple, Microsoft, and Google provide our needs?

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Apple, Microsoft, and Google are those leading companies around the world that provides all our necessities in various stuffs that makes things possible and handy to use. This three companies are aim not only to earn money, but to offer their best available in the market to value the needs of every individual. In fact, technology trends boost more rapidly all over the year and sometimes we could not feel the changes happening in every technology arise in the market. The ease use of technology in any establishment builds huge opportunities to promote their products and quickly manage a large amount of data coming in and out because of computerized B2B transaction. In addition, Apple, Microsoft, and Google provide gadgets specifically design for business purposes that meet our needs. However, abuse the use of technology can affects our lives, for instance, the use in illegal purposes.

Apple Official Logo

The world’s largest companies in comes in high quality technology that designs and sells various products in the market such as electronics devices, iPod, iPhone, iPad, computer software, and a lot more…, the company’s best – known hardware Macintosh products. The world’s largest publicly traded technology company in the world that earned high revenue, more than Google and Microsoft combined.

Microsoft Windows Logo

The software giant distributors in the market, still a powerhouse supplier of the specialized software that meets the complex needs of large corporation in the world. As year change, Microsoft aim not only for the software development but in various technologies identical as what Apple offers. For instance, increase the demand of Windows Phone, Microsoft Tablet, hardware, and other computing gadgets to promote in the market.

Google G official logo

The number one (1) Web Search Engine in the world that provides a huge amount of information, and most preferred by many users. In addition, Google not only offer Internet Web Search Engine but Internet – related products and services such as cloud computing, software, advertising technology, advertising revenue from Adwords generate almost all of the company’s income. Fortunately, good stuffs from Google are their Google Map and Android Phone as what Apple and Microsoft technology company’s offers.

This three among the leading technology companies in the world that provides most of our needs. Additionally, Samsung, Motorola, and IBM also the powerful companies but not the same like Apple, Microsoft, and Google.


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