Friday, May 25, 2012

What is new about blogger user interface?


Blogger is one of the most popular blog site where you can create your own personal website and spread to the world about your activities, thoughts, feelings, and other tips and stuffs that anyone can find you all over the world. Blogger it’s free, anyone can register without any investment and can be allow using third party advertising program. The advantages why blogger is most widely used is because its ease of used, user – friendly, and own by Google. Didn’t know Google yet? Google is a popular search engine where your blog site typically appears in a search engine result. When it comes in Search Engine Optimization SEO, obviously, Google priorities their own product appears in a search engine. However, Google not guarantee that all blogger users’ appears in Google search engine because other users ignore some guidelines while doing their own blog to get higher rank in Google.

Blogger vs. Wordpress

As what I been learned and explore both Blogger and Wordpress. Equally, we’re often provides our needs. In Wordpress, there’s a lot of things you can work with that’s not provided and can’t be used in blogger such as the dynamic uses of pages, apply different plug-ins, and customized template, although blogger can grant to the users to customize the theme but not straightforward as what Wordpress provided. Nevertheless, in comes for free I preferred to used blogger because you can apply third party advertising program such as Google Adsense, Infolinks, and Bidvertiser that is not grant by Wordpress unless you pay the domain name. Once you paid the domain name, you are free how are you going to customize your site and a lot of functionality available that can be applied on your site how it looks like, that’s one main advantage using Wordpress.

Why blogger change new User Interface?

As Google updates blogger User Interface, many users condemned about the new face of blogger because of some changes particularly the color, icons, and the position of tools that can be found on blogger home page. When you are encountering using for the first time blogger user interface maybe the first comes in your mind is the look, because it’s so weird. To be frank, big changes they made for the new face of blogger. Unfortunately, we’re the user’s, we don’t blame the blogger developers what they perspective aim for. Indeed, just enjoy the new Blogger User Interface and explore the benefits brings us. However, blogger not only change the appearance how it looks. When you’re using often Wordpress that we can put description every post for search description, allow custom robots tags, and search preferences. Fortunately, blogger provides SEO friendly where you can also put search description about your post, custom robots tags, and improves dynamic pages. Blogger Search Preferences also allow using Meta tags, Errors and redirections, and crawlers and indexing your pages such as Custom robots.txt that let search engine crawl on your website, and custom robots header tags which posts and pages searchable to the search engine.


  1. How do you upload any files such as a .xml files if they removes FTP.

  2. Unfortunately, I can't answer your question. I preferred to search in Google to find some resources.:) P.N