Sunday, May 20, 2012

How frequently enjoy in blogging

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Blogging is an exciting way to express thoughts, knowledge, learning, and ideas in many readers that might be provide relevant information. I guess, why many people enjoy blogging is because readers like their article to read that could provide good source of information they needed. However, there are some articles that bothering in mind which useful information is appropriate to use. Indeed, blogging is more fun!

Tips for getting started in blogging

To create blog and understanding important guidelines how to post, use template, layout, and other configuration settings is really quite simple to learn. However, here are the tips in blogging often to remember.

1.    One important thing in blogging is “Patience”. Don’t get overwhelm that your blog automatically visible in the search engine and rank it higher.
2.    Let Google discover your blog because any against Google policies can affects the ranking of your site.
3.    Don’t use software that generates automatic submission in order to index your site.
4.    Unique and rich in content is very important, any duplicate content can be penalizing by Google and it can affect your ranking.
5.    Don’t use repeated keywords on your content. Note: Google update their algorithm how they fetch your content into search engine result.
6.    Image can’t be searchable without image title tag.
7.    Template is very important; if you wish to use downloadable themes and apply it to your blog, it must be validated by W3C.
8.    Don’t use excessive brilliant of ads on your site.

So far, this tips as I know yet. Additional tips are welcome for commentary!

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