Sunday, June 10, 2012

Why most people love to watch movie?

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Is it possible to watch movie without knowing enough what language was already written?

Believe it or not as what I’ve been encountered or maybe you too. Even we’re not the same dialect or perhaps we can’t understand what they speak whatever is it and in comes in movie, doesn’t measure what languages are in movies as long emotion and facial expression are presence, it makes you satisfied what is intended of the movie. In some rural area, many people can’t write, can’t understand simple language or even can’t speak simple English, despite what problem is it, to watch movie and their favorite icons is an important part no matter what languages or countries the movie was based. That was most people really wanted why they love to watch movies. Most probably, those action, adventure, cartoons and horror are the movies they preferred to watch, moreover, romantic and no more fighting scenes are less important to them.  In fact, it’s better to have a better understanding what is all about the movie.

In what scene makes you satisfied watching movies and get interested you most?

Everyone has their own perception and a vision how they appreciate the movie. Some get bored, others are satisfied; indeed, just only the reality as what we scrutinize the movie production. Most people like to watch movies maybe it’s because was based on a real story or science fiction that may gain knowledge what goes beyond the story of the movie.

Aside the story and learning’s what we gain to the movies, did you think other helpful that can expand your imagination where you can glimpse some important stuff on the movies, although it’s intangible but it brings you broader information. For instance, to sight the culture, way of living, places, and etc. that can possibly be differentiate our way of living to other countries. Even though we cannot travel around the world, we can’t understand their languages and speak their dialect, just because of movie, we can appreciate them how it seems similar to our country and whatever your country it is.

In general, this is my own opinion, because aside the story and learning’s from the movie. I am interested knowing other countries culture and way of living. Sometimes, I’m thinking what if sooner will be there in that place, how it feels and met people and speak their own vernacular. In addition, these stuffs take a quick look how I really love and appreciate to watch movie.

In your own opinion, in what scene makes you satisfied watching movies and get interested you most? Share it in your friends what their opinion as well.


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