Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The importance of sitemap in blog

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Generally, to create blog is easy to learn particularly for the newbie’s wants to own their personal blog. Basically, blogger is one of the most popular blog site that’s own by Google and widely used all over the world because it’s free and user – friendly to used. However, getting started in blogging should follow some tips often to remember in order the consistency of you blog available and visible to the readers over the internet. One is the most important to configure when you start blogging is the use of Sitemaps. Sitemap is a way how your site crawled and index by Google in the search engine result. With Google sitemap, your site get higher quality rank and most probably search result help people find more relevant information of your web pages.

Guideline for Sitemap

·         A sitemap must not larger than 50 MB when uncompressed and limit the contain URL not more than 50,000.
·         Limit the sitemap, you don’t need to submit each Sitemap file individually and do not include session IDs in URLs.
·         You must follow the right syntax when using Sitemap, URL must be UTF8 – encoded, and encoded for readability by the web server on which it is located.
·         Use unique URLs to make sure each language version can be crawled and indexed by Google.

How to submit sitemap in Google Webmaster Tools
To submit – first you have already webmaster tools account in order to add sitemap in your sites. Unfortunately, I only provide how to add sitemap in Webmaster Tools. Now, considered you had already website existing in Webmaster Tools. In dashboard, select Optimization and click Sitemaps. In the right above, ADD/TEST SITEMAP. The following display.

http://www. example.com/[putyoursitemaphere]
The basic way how to add sitemap, you can use.

 http://www. example .com/rss.xml



Actually, you can use as preferred above or you may also use below. Just follow the steps.
To submit a sitemap for the blog, enter the following link extension after .com/linkextensionhere.

This is to index the first 100 posts on your blog, which means post number 1 until post number 100.

To index more than 100 posts on your blog. This will index 101 until post number 200

To index more than 200 post on your blog. This will index 201 until 300

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  1. Ohs! I forgot to use example as the default domain name. Thanks for the quick response for my mistakes!