Sunday, November 11, 2012

I’ve got PR 1 status in Google within a month

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To rank in Google is hard if you don’t know some basic SEO strategy on how to get rank within a month. Perhaps, depends how Google rank your site because there are some other websites/blog sites almost a year they don’t already get the status of PR 1- 10. There’s are some other perceptions, depends the number of visitors, value of the content, visibility of blog, and the structure of your site.

Fortunately, my blog site got a PR 1 within 6 months and one of my blog also got PR 1. Google issued the same month of my sites both PR 1. However, in my second blog, the age of my blog was almost more than a year. Since, I don’t really understand what is SEO all about and how to get rank my site within a month (in my first blog So, in my second blog (jocodester), I’ll try what I already learned and apply it to my blog. What I did, I’ll structure my sites how it looks like, how many columns could I use? All my widget fit on every side bars? Is it visible all of my categories and navigation? Where could I place some social networking sites and bookmarking sites? In addition, know how to use basic html/css tags is a plus factor. The advantages are, you can make some modification in some html/css tags or other scripts that fit on your site how it looks like. Why I create this? For instance, if you already have social networking sites on your blog (facebook, twitter, google plus) it is possible for them to share your content to the world if they like it. If that happen, expect the visibility of your sites. That’s one positive factor to get a PR status on Google because your site was being popular and value what most people are searching for.

Moreover, some I did, I sign up in Google and Bing webmaster tool to submit my site url (sitemap) and also submit my site url in several web directories. There’s a lot of strategy can work with how to rank your site within a month in Google.


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