Thursday, November 15, 2012

Life make's more exciting if you live with God

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Living with God’s presence
Help me God I need you, that’s the common word when we need help from God. Actually God is always in our side whatever happen when we fall, failed, in doubt, and other instances arise in our life. He guide us always and continuing shower his blessings even sometimes we forgot his name. To live with God is an exciting moment through our journey in life because God’s only knows who you are, its purpose why you are here in this earth, why you are unique to others, and why I need to follow God to be his alike. Although we live in a modern time that bursting of contemporary gadgets and technology were our life more exciting, God doesn’t allow life more exciting in a modern way of leaving, instead God wants us to live life more exciting and meaningful by following his words what he had left on this earth. Life is nothing without God’s presence. 

Life in earth is an imaginary not a competition how to get rich for the famed because “God doesn’t requires us to success, he only requires that you try~Mother Teresa~ – and live by his word. Just pray, help me God as always by guiding us in times of troubles.

Living with God’s presence is a part of our journey in life through the kingdom of God. God said “You are not alone” I am here to take you all the way as presence as always beside you.


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