Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Is it jogging increases life expectancy?

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Run for Health

Study revealed regular jogging just an hour a week at a slow or average speed increases life expectancy of Men by 6.2 years and Women by 5.6 years according to Copenhagen City Heart study presented at the EuroPRevent2012 meeting held in Dublin, Ireland on 3rd to 5th of May 2012. The study has discovered association for longevity with various forms of exercise and other factors. Jogging deliver multiple health benefits to improves cardiac function, increases insulin sensitivity, lowers blood pressure, increases fibrinolytic activity, immune function, alertness of physical and mind, prevents obesity, improves psychological function, relief stressful body, and helps keep your body healthy and better able fend off illness. However, various form of exercises ignore by many of us because they don’t have proper discipline how to manage their healthy lives style and most probably they don’t have time wasting their time for exercise because of some important matter about personal transaction, that’s why many study has shown more people become obese, and other symptoms when they are getting older. 

A well balanced exercise helps all of your body system working correctly.

Medicine is our survival when getting illness, however not all the time we rely on it. As soon as you’re young, let’s start disciplining how to be healthy and take a little concern what you’ve intake. For instance, too much eating, drinking, smoking, and whatever that can harm your health be able to delivers various diseases as you getting older. This tips only reminds us how to treat ourselves to be healthy and not prone to several diseases. Not only jogging exercise will helps you most but you could find different exercise where is suited that will enjoy you most all the time. Indeed, all exercise implements have many benefits to attain even though we couldn’t feel it. This research study has shown that exercise releases “feel good” hormones to help maintain a happier feeling, or it can be used in times of stressful condition in order to relieve the pen up stress and anger.

Let’s do and makes have fun to exercise regularly. Run for HEALTH, Run for LIFE


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