Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Let’s explore Windows 8 Operating System features

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Tips how to use Windows 8 Operating System and its new features?

Microsoft Windows 8 Operating System features changes everything from the older version of Windows 7. Everything has change, it looks like more than an ordinary Operating System as what other operating system running on Desktop or Laptops. The new enhancement features of Windows 8 focuses not only on Desktop or Laptops but on also on Tablets and Smartphones. Many users are so excited about Windows 8 features because it’s more lightweight, smooth to used, everything are already there in one view, and a lot more. 

Finally, I already installed this OS on my own laptop to explore some changes. I’m so very happy when I had finished installing because it’s something looks more different from other operating system. If you’re using Smartphone Touchscreen with various Apps, appreciate the similarities. However, first time users must spent time to explore some controls and changes happen in Windows 8. Beginner’s users will amaze where the Start or Window icon when we start to select programs or applications. Actually, Start Window’s not displays on your Taskbar rather it will appear when we hover at the button left corner as what Windows 7 start position. When you noticed the Internet Explorer, just in the left of it will display the Start Window or you may use window on keyboard.

This the Start window looks like.

Windows 8 start window

A lot of customization to work with your starting Window, you’re free which apps do you want to displays to appear on your start, just simply drag and drop to point the position of each apps in your windows. If you don’t want to displays application in your start windows, right click and Unpin it from Start, Uninstall Apps, view to Larger or Smaller icon, and many more options can work with. In the right corner, are options for Settings, Devices, Start, Share, and Search Apps.

Windows 8 can switch you on Windows 7 mode, just simply click the Desktop in your start. However, there’s nothing displays Start Window because all the application is in your new Windows 8 starting Window. Don’t worry, explore and make a little bit customization in your new Windows 8 and familiarized all necessary controls.

In addition, one good thing I liked it when were connected on internet because you don’t go away to browse and see what’s happening on other tabs on your browsers. For instance, to open your email, find news updates, go through social networking sites, and weather.  With this, it will automatically notify you is there’s new incoming messages, emails, news updates, and other important matters in one view only because once you organize and setup all of your accounts like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Gmail, and Hotmail you’re automatically receives whatever updates each of your accounts.

Have fun on Windows 8.


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