Tuesday, September 4, 2012

New Nokia Lumia 920 features wireless charger

Nokia is all set to launch its Lumia 920 smartphone powered by Windows 8 OS tomorrow in New York, reports the Verge.

Time has come – Exclusive: Nokia Lumia 920 to include wireless charging, 32GB storage, and 8-megapixel camera

Nokia Lumia Phone
Mobile technology is progressing at a quick rate with devices offering consumers much more than a device that can make and receive calls. Now, Nokia will introduce its latest Lumia 920 handset at a special event with Microsoft on Wednesday September 5th. Nokia is expected to reveal Windows Phone 8-based devices this week that will feature wireless charging. The Lumia 920 will be Nokia's new flagship Windows Phone and will include some impressive hardware specifications to match. According to sources familiar with the company's Windows Phone plans, Nokia is packaging wireless charging with its Lumia 920. The phones, which will reportedly support the Qi wireless power standard, are expected to be unveiled Wednesday at a press event in New York.

Wireless Charging
The Lumia 920 will support wireless charging. We had reported of a leaked wireless charging pad accessory that plugs into an outlet or USB plug and users can then rest their Lumia 920 Smartphone on top of the wireless charging pad to charge. There is no need to plug in a cable in a cable into the Lumia 920 to charge the phone. Best of all, according to The Verge, the Lumia 920 will be Qi – compliant, meaning that it would work with other Qi – certified charging pads as well.

Nokia Lumia 920 wireless charger
Noka Lumia 920 wireless charger

How does the charger worker?

Rather than plugging anything into the phone, you simply place the Lumia 920 on top of a mouse-sized charging pad to wirelessly give it juice. The process, called the "inductive method," will reportedly support the Qi wireless power standard, meaning it should be compatible with other wireless charging products, says Tom Warren at The Verge. And the new Windows Phone won't require a special inductive phone case to charge since wireless power capabilities are built into its hardware.

Will the wireless charger be a game changer?

The move shouldn't "come as much of a surprise," says Chris Davis at Slashgear. A Windows Phone 8 teaser (watch it here) already hinted that the Nokia range, going forward, "won't require a nest of wires in order to rejuice." Declaring war on chargers is just the next step. It's an "interesting idea, “says. While a charger pad is certainly less messy than cumbersome wires, it has its downsides. For starters you'll have to devote space to the charging pad 24/7. It's questionable whether wireless charging is anything "more than a gimmick."

The Lumia 920 is also expected to feature 32GB of device storage, 1GB of RAM, and a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, while the 820 is expected to feature 8GB of storage.


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