Sunday, May 20, 2012

Doubting which programming language to use

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Are you doubt which programming languages you are going to learn? I think this is one question that comes in mind who wants to acquire knowledge about programming. However, programming concepts not only learn by a student who takes computer subjects, anyone can be a programmer by basic understanding what is programming all about. If you are going to master which language be able to use, stick to one language where potentially suited you most.

In reality, if you learned already one language then you has also an idea what other programming language does. The only differences are the syntax because there are other languages that cannot support what does other languages did. Eventually, every language has advantages and disadvantages according to their use. Here are the lists of programming language in alphabetical order which one or more you likely use.

The most probably used programming languages by programmers are:

1. Java
2. PHP
3. C#
4. C++
5. C

A good choice of programming language varies how programmers deal with it.


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